Wednesday, June 14, 2017

85-91: End of Year

See more end of year Moments Here.

Surprisingly, the end of the school year has been a bit more challenging than I thought it was going to be but finally today my loose ends were tied up.  Even though I only worked three days this week, it really took it out of me.  I didn't even go to the gym for the first time in eight weeks.  I've just felt really tired and lost motivation. 
We have a busy summer ahead but I'm looking forward to a little break and spending time with my family. 

Day 85:
One RAD 5th Grade GRAD.

This kid has blown me away with his academic growth and progress.   #amazing  

Day 86:

.....and FINALLY School is OUT! 

Day 87:
Carlee's first experience at the race track-

It lasted about 22 minutes before I had to take her home and the boys hitched a ride later that night. 

Day 88:
I was a fan of Twilight, Hunger Games, and Divergent books.
I am so wondering about this series??


Day 89:

Now for the lovely task of room clean up.  
One would think that end of year is a breeze once all of the children leave but the truth is that teachers no longer have critical time to work in their rooms throughout the year.  Gone are the days of spending time cleaning out closets, lesson plan tubs, file cabinets, and just getting organized.  All of this waits until the end of year.

My room was a serious job.  
Not only that but we have more changes coming around the bend.....  
details soon.  

and the Final Countdown to Summer

Day 90:

The boys of the school entertained themselves this week.  
No matter what age, thank goodness for 1. ramps  2. monster trucks  3. forts

Day 91:

Remember Stanley and Pretzel Day?  

Meet Amanda and Wet Nuts Day
 I look forward to one thing at the end of the year picnic-
ice cream with a vat of wet nuts.

The Bomb.Com

The day was made complete with another outing with my partner in paperwork (and crime).
I always get the wildest colors and she always gets beige.  BEIGE. With all of the other sparkly colors out there?  I don't even get it.

color A:   I can't remember but something like 'Showstopper'.   

 color B:  Pearl of Wisdom


Anyway, we have a lot of fun and my toes sparkle more in the sun!  

For tonight, I'm lounging on the couch with my alarm set to tackle and pack for another weekend adventure (C's Retirement Party)!!   Whoooo. Hooooo.

Moments (Days 78-84)

Day 78: 
 Summer VAYCAY is filling up fast.........
No summer snoozing! 

Day 79:   
Remember as a kid mixing up all of the soft drinks together and calling it a Suicide?
That is still happening with this generation and it is still totally gross. 

Day 80:

Just practicing a few fishing moves... outside.... in the grass.....

Day 81:
The practice paid off.  #outdoorboy

Day 82:
Each year, end of year celebrations and saying good-bye is bitter sweet.

My always fun, always dramatic, always tearful graduation is a favorite. 
When these kids start crying, we all start.

There is much love in this room and for that I am thankful to God. 


Mrs. C's Retirement Lunch
Can you guess her celebrity crush (and the theme of our lunch)?

Celebrating Transitions and Friendships!
The days are long but the years are short. 

Rock Middle School Boys

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

73-77: Days Keep Rolling.....

73:  Saturday

Good Food & Good Conversation

I started my weekend with girl talk over a fire.  It was a great way to start the weekend. 

74:  Sunday 

Traveling to Egypt and going on a REAL Excavation

Afternoon Slime....

Why did I think this was a good idea???

75:  Monday
Memorial Day:  Thank you God for those who sacrificed all for our freedoms.

This girl planted her tomato plant...

....followed by a family meal outside and feeling thankful for our blessings. 

76: Tuesday

I'm still making the gym a priority! 

77:  Wednesday

Scenes from Last Wednesday-

Armor of God Award

Lifesaver Award

Ice Cream, We Scream

And, we are continuing with our EOGs and End of Year activities.  
It's already going to be a busy summer.
Connor and I are counting down until we can enjoy one of these.....

Friday, May 26, 2017

72: Carlee's Special Day

1 year

Today was a special day for my baby girl.

First Day of (First) Preschool

It's Graduation Day

Time to say Good Bye (sniff. sniff).
Carlee is really going to miss Mrs. D.  I think her chill nature (and braiding skills) balanced Carlee and made school a more happy place.



We finally got a 'Mrs. J. picture' like Cousin O.  
All kids love Mrs. J.

Why doesn't Mrs. J age?

Good Bye to Sweet Friends
(until next year)

We are praying little Jordan will be in the same class as Carlee.
They have developed such a good friendship.

Cousin A. is a permanet fixture.

The love each other (even though these photos did not capture the love).  lol.

you WILL hug me  :)

Nana and Carlee

Last year mommy had to work and daddy attended.  

This year, it was alllll Mommy! 
We decided to have a special day.

We went to Build a Bear!
This was our first visit.  To be honest, my kids are not huge fans of stuffed animals, so I have never found the purpose of going.  
However, the more people told me about it the more I thought Carlee might like it.

We first picked a special (but fairly priced) pink bear.  We were the only ones there so it was really nice to get one to one attention.

Stuffing our Bear

The lady helping us was super great.  
My only problem with her was that she kept asking Carlee if she wanted 'a special beating heart' .... 'a special brush'.... 'a special smell'....  all things that cost an extra 6-10 dollars to which Carlee would say 'YES'.  I would follow with...'that is ok, we will stick with the bear today'.

It wasn't until the she talked Carlee into a 10.00 "voice box"... aka.  "Do you want a bear that talks or a bear that says nothing?" .... that I finally put my foot down.  
"We will only have the bear and one outfit.  Carlee can use her imagination to make the bear talk and Mommy won't have to take out a loan for a teddy bear."

Carlee picked a special heart.  
The employee had her kiss it, pray over it, spin with it, jump with it as a part of giving the bear "heart" before sewing it inside.  
It was so precious.

Time to give the bear a bath! 

Now for the part where I almost chocked my own daughter:  DRESSING THE BEAR.

I had no clue there was an entire Abercrombie store for BEARS.  

I'm serious when I say:  too.  many.  choices.
Once we dressed the newly birthed "Lily", I mentally calculated a 60.00 bill.

I had to suggest demand we eliminate the 
a. hair band  b. bear panties  c.  and choose between the jacket or the shoes 

Right before we checked out, the same worker gave Carlee two free bows to put on Lily's ears.  
I guess an hour of clothing shopping was a sign that Carlee was pro-bow.

Next, onto bigger adventures such as going up and down the escalator 500 times. 

Our last stop was at The Cookie House for a pink kitten cookie.  I tried to take the picture as fast as I could but it did not last long. 


I'm telling you it was a very special day.

conked out

I love you Carlee, 
and I live for our special days.
Mommy thinks you will make a great kindergartener!