Thursday, April 5, 2018

Safari Spring Break

We decided to take a little day trip for our Spring Break (I mean you can't spend your life on the sofa in your underwear, can you?)

Wouldn't this have been a nice picture if Connor had been able to handle pain?  Somewhere during the "adventure" he hurt his wrist (zero redness, swelling, bruising, and he could move it...but it hurt bad). 

He was so uncomfortable, I had to put him in charge while I ran to the local store to get a wrist band and tylenol.  
My quick nursing did the trick because thirty minutes later he felt better.

I saw this place on my friend's FB page and asked her about it.  It really seemed like a fun (and reasonable) thing to do.  
This is the same friend I always call when I'm lost and she can never tell me how to get there....

....and we got lost and she said "it's in a shopping center somewhere".  Luckily we found it without that help.  :)

Safari Nation is a really cute indoor park.  
We actually had a doctor's appointment, and the nurse overheard us talking and gave us a 10.00 off coupon before we left!!  (whooopppp)  I love living in a small town.

The kids loved it, everyone had a lot of fun.  
The price covers the full day but after a few hours everyone was exhausted.

Even this one.....

We stayed away from the games, but while Connor took a 'wrist break', I won in air hockey! 

This felt like a dangerous situation.  
The rubber criss cross goes all the way to the top and the bottom is like bubble/syran wrap
Connor was the only one that could climb it without choking himself.  


Riding through the Terrain  

We ended our day with my first trip to Zaxby's.  
(I didn't love it.)
While we ate, we all made up stories about how 'Zaxby' came to be:

 Cousin T:  There was once a man who got so sick and tired of the rooster crowing and waking him up each morning, he decided to name it Zaxby and kill it!  It tasted so good, he started a restaurant.
Connor:  There was this guy named Zaxby who loved chicken morning, noon, and night.  His friends were like 'Hey Zaxby, if you love it so much why don't you start a restaurant."  So he did. 
Me:  Many moons ago, the village people were hurting and sick.  Along came a mysterious drifter who healed them all with the Zaxby recipe sprinkled over chicken.  He fell in love with a woman who talked him out of the sacred recipe. She sold it and her ancestors made into a restaurant (that isn't even that good). 
Carlee:  A boy was being chased and he ran into the room and closed the door.  [I'm not sure she got the idea. lol.]

Happy Spring Break
We don't wanna' leave the Safari!!

Video Here:  

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Old-Fashioned Easter

This weekend was filled with many Easter activities, that make me nostalgic of things I once did as a little girl.

Saturday we went over GiGi's house for some Egg-tastic Fun.


Egg Hunt Time

Carlee won the egg hunt (with a little lot of extra help from Auntie E.)  

Egg Decorating

Lots of colorful & messy fun! 

We tried all different designs.  

I'm not sure I could win any awards for this 'shake and color'.  (It doesn't quite match the photo on the box. ) 

Even though the weather didn't quite reach 70, you couldn't keep this boy out of the creek (a creek with mud, turtles, sticks= a strong magnet to boy).

They had the most fun splashing around.

Cousin T. found a "Sea" Shell (or rather a redneck seashell).  

We were so tired by the time we got home that I just crashed.  I woke up at about 2:30am and remembered the Easter Bunny!!  I had nothing ready and Darren had no clue where I was hiding the little stashes I bought this month.  I tried as gracefully as I could to put these together in the bathroom (while I managed to drop and bang everything I touched).  

The kids have loved board games this month, so they were given an extra special treat of a shared board game (there are amazing benefits to board games). I can't wait to play it! 
I was so tired I slept through my alarm and we missed the morning sunrise service and breakfast.  
Unfortunately, I have battled a lot of fatigue for the past few months and have forgotten a LOT of things (that will be reserved for another blog, another time) but if Easter has one solid theme- holding onto guilt is no longer necessary through Jesus Christ.  

Sunday Morning:

Our family was given such a blessing this morning.  The children and some adults provided an Easter musical. The music, the prayer, the children-  they all provided a powerful sermon to showcase the love Jesus has for His children.

Also, these boys made their mamas cry for a good reason.  
They blessed us with a song together and even re-sang it for the invitation.  
I was so proud of them both.
Connor also co-narrated the play.  
What a testimony to what God can do in the lives of children!!!
I once knew a little boy that labored through reading, could barely sit or listen, and rarely volunteered.....   
yet there he was reading and singing with all of his heart.  I was even more proud when Connor would lay a comforting hand on his friend's back as they would sing.  It was the BEST.  :)

What do we know about Easter?
God has a plan.  God takes us all on a very personal journey.  God gives us each other to learn (including our very own young children).  
God is a miracle worker!

Although Carlee had the opportunity to be in the play, she felt most comfortable in this position ... 
you know, until she was certain no one was a. looking at her, b. she didn't have to shake hands,  and c. was not required to speak to anyone.  
(Hey, I'm not stressed.  It wouldn't surprise me if God used this girl to speak to hundreds one day. ) 

We can still take a second to appreciate little Easter legs.

What a beautiful day!

Happy Easter

Bringing in Spring Like.....

Spring came in with.....

....snow storm

....snow toys

...a snowman

.....delayed Christmas Cookies

....extra sprinkles

...Painting Party


... Artists

...first track meet

...snow cream chocolate (on a 2 hour delay).

We are so ready for flip flops.