Sunday, February 18, 2018

What's New

It's been awhile since I've checked in....  life keeps going.  
Here is what's been going on in my our life!!

First Middle School Dance
Darren was so sweet, taking a lot of time to assist with making Connor's tie perfect! 

Handsome (but HATES dressing up, this was the best we could do).

Since I work at the Middle School with Connor, I attended the dance as a chaperone. 

In a nutshell:  there is no dance but a lot of flirting and/or chasing balloons (my son was in the 'chasing balloons' category).

The girl in me ADORED the formal attire.  
Everyone looked great! 



Even I had a little 'sugar' for Valentines Day.
Do you see the sweet little paper cup holder a student made for my Reese cup?

Darren brought the family the best chocolate covered strawberries (and so pretty)! 

My little Valentine is still making her own way in this world.
-another creation-

Carlee Style

At some point Carlee got it in her head that she wanted a coconut, so her dad brought her home one.  
She kept it in her room like an egg, having her dad check it each day for it's 'readiness'. 


The wait was NOT worth it.  
She hated it but I can't help feeling like there is a children's book in this story somewhere. 

At some point in these months, we had one of the wildest retirement parties I have ever attended.  

I still wonder if I dreamed it.

I was a little sad because I think my boys have outgrown the local wrestling entertainment.  I watched the other (younger) kids screaming with a wistful heart.  I remembered how excited these two would get.

It was a funny night. #candyman

Connor was heartbroken to not play for his school, but he moved on and did a fantastic job for the local rec. league.

These boys played with heart! 

I don't care how old you are... 
#kisses  #hugs

Today we had 'The Last Supper'

I loved these fancy plate designs.



Also, I am thinking of adding to my hobbies with Middle School Minutes Vlog......(trust me, it's a thing).  
It might also aid me with communication goals/ National Board goals.

First one HERE.

My favorite teaching vlogs:
A Pocketful of Primary
A Cozy Classroom
The Lettered Classroom
Too Cool for Middle School

That's What Is New! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Sweetheart

Today we had our heart check.  The first one since Connor was about 8 years old. 

When Connor was 5 years old, Dr. T. heard a funny little 'swish' in C's heart and he sent us to a specialist.  
I was so unconcerned that Darren went with Connor alone.  Little did we know that Connor had a real heart condition that typically goes undetected.  If it was not for Dr. T's thoroughness, we would have never known. 
He currently has a tiny heart murmur with Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease and Regurgitation.  

I love this Tin Man in the office. 

We followed up every year until Connor turned 8 and we were told we could wait a few years, but if things did worsen we were looking at surgery.  

Due to a change in billing, we were also charged with a two thousand dollar bill for one appointment.  😡  That is another story for another time but this year he was long overdue.

We were a bit nervous about this appointment because we remember the doctor telling us that it would be time for surgery prior to being a teenager (if the heart had worsened).  What we discovered is that there was zero change in his heart- it had not worsened and has not improved, therefore no action is needed

...see you next year. 

We were hoping for the problem to have healed but honestly, the doctor said he had no restrictions with the exception of intense weight lifting/ weightlifting associated with football, 
no biggie.   
He also does not require a daily medication for his heart.  

We celebrated with the favorite- Lobster Tail.
I shared with him the many, many prayers that people had posted on social media.  I talked to him about the blessing God has given us in the form of family and friends, and how much he is loved.   

We ended our evening by going to Target.  Connor bought his sister a LOL ball with his own money.  
What can I say, I'm thankful to God that this sweet HeArT is still working as it should!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The MeMa Legacy

I can't tell you exactly why I love the Royals but I love them.  I've loved them since I was little-  I watched Cinderella, I played with Grace Kelly paper dolls, and I had a Princess Diana pixie cut when I was in 6th grade.  Maybe it's the jewels, the handbag, or maybe it's my personal philosophy that a good crown goes with everything.  Or maybe it's because in a world that has abandoned old fashioned values, class, and loyalty to self serving agendas and entertainment...somewhere there stands a Queen seeped in tradition and loyal to a fault.   Even in an ever-changing society, a real Queen stands firm, always ruling out the prospect of abdication.

This morning, we woke to the news that our very own Mema had traded her old rugged cross for her crown.  We both shared a bit of a love for the Royals, so I am at peace knowing she is in the best kingdom of all.

This Queen’s story is far from a perfect fairy tale.  Like many, her own chapters were riddled with life’s challenges at certain turns.  It isn’t easy being a woman, single, or a mother but she did all three without giving up.  Through it all, she continued to love God with her heart, her soul, and her might  As she raised her family, she made the same choice to lead in a way that they should go, exposing them to the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  
(Deuteronomy 6:  5-7, Proverbs 22:6)

As a certain onlooker, I can tell you the impact of her reign is everlasting and most beautiful.
She raised an entire clan of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that share in love, loyalty, a strong work ethic, sassiness, joy for competition, compassion for others, and even when life becomes so hard that it seems like you can’t go on…MeMa left a strong will that can put you back in the game.  
Most of all she instilled the importance of family loyalty.  We most learned that everyone needs one encourager when we least deserve it.  

This time is hard and we are sad that we have lost our beloved leader, but I feel like we can make Mema most proud by caring for the jewels she has passed down. ‘The kind of crown we don’t wear on our head but in our soul’.

We love you Mema 
(aka. The True Queen)

missing this day J, C, and little lil  💗

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Last Vlogmas- Extreme Cheap Makeover

Our last Vlogmas.

Maybe you know this about me already but I love to Deck the Halls right after Thanksgiving, and I love to take it down on the 26th.  
I really love Christmas but due to my work schedule, I hate the looming deadline of putting away my things, so I prefer to tackle it right away.
Day after Christmas

This year my body wouldn't allow me to do the full sweep (knee pain + basement steps) but I'm 50% done.  My one goal of the break was to clean out Connor's closet and shelves, but once we put Carlee's bed together her room took priority.  

I finally convinced Darren to get rid of the old computer (not turned on in 6 years) and desk.

I researched desk areas inside of living room spaces and decided it would look good if we kept the desk downstairs.  
In years past, we have kept some of the children's things downstairs because they always wanted to play and be around us when they were younger.  Now they prefer staying in their own rooms with their own things.   :(
Play Corner

This morning started with a 4:45am start to purchase organizers and sheets (little did we know there was a sheet set at the bottom of a lone Christmas bag).   
For the purchase of some tubs/ drawers/ organizers, we were able to do a lot of stuff.  
These tubs saved us!  We were able to store so many things.  They are deep, fit perfectly under the bed, and they have wheels! 

At our new desk area, I spent around sixteen dollars more to find a small lamp to match the larger one in our living room and I paired it with a small area rug.   
I also set up one of Carlee's books on top of the desk because it matched the colors from the living room, after all, Fairytales never fail to inspire.  

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the way that it all turned out.   We have a modest space, and my philosophy is if we don't have room for it- it goes.  I had to get rid of a lot of things today that were really cute or I would use if I had a bigger space.  
I utilize what space I have and I enjoy the challenge.  Whenever I feel bad that I want another room or another closet I say to myself-  you want to make memories not more stuff.  

Tommorrow I plan to tackle Connor's room and the kitchen cabinets, then a little R&R before the start of the school year.

The kids and I had fun Vlogging our Christmas experience but now it's time to ring in 2018 with a little more simplicity.

Catch you in the New Year!